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The Board of Podiatry WA

The Podiatry WA Board directors are:

  • Dr Jeff Peters, Chairman and President
  • Dr Scott Westover, Vice President
  • Anna Hill, Director
  • Dr Theresa Miller, Director
  • Dr Susan Ackerley, Director
  • Rebecca Taseff, Director

The company Secretary is Linda Mulenda (voluntary, non-voting)

The Board are elected for three year terms, with rolling retirements to ensure Board renewal. Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in November.

To contact the Board, please email us at info@podiatrywa.com.au

Our Team 


Dr Scott Westover 

Dr Scott Westover, BSc (hons) Pod Med, MSc Management, DPM, DSc Biology, PGD Teaching is an American, Podiatrist and Educator  (with over 32 years in the health care arena) who has combined his love for travel and experiencing new ways of life and cultures into a patient focused and highly skilled patient/health care practitioner interface. He is a strong believer in maintaining contacts and networking.

He enjoys the opportunity and challenge of change management and this is evidenced by his employment pedigree thus far. He was a former member of the Professional Executive Committee and the Chairman of the AHP Forum.

He has been on the Board of Directors for several professional local businesses and other NFP’s.

He has keen negotiating skills and is able to influence and shapen outcomes at all levels of stakeholder engagement.  He is a strong believer in maintaining contacts and networking.

He has excellent skills in communication and an awareness of the importance into different needs.

He is proactive in his approach to the public relations side of the various roles and positions he has held and endeavours to always reflect, positively, his profession and the membership for whom he represents to the best of his ability.

His current interests are in education for professional practice, advancement of professional practice and title, medical and surgical parity with traditional medicine and surgical syllabi and the promotion of excellent evidenced/research based quality care.

His skillset is as follows and has gone from a Staff Grade Podiatrist to General Manager to Director of Clinical Services to Director of Operations since his healthcare inception:

  • ·        General Management:  Strategic/Operational/Personnel
  • ·        Podiatric Medical and Surgical Services Senior Manager
  • ·        Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist
  • ·        Facial Aesthetics Practitioner (Botox & Dermal Fillers)
  • ·        Podiatric Medicine Registered Teacher (Visiting Lecturer)
  • ·        Podiatrist with Specialist interest in Podiatric Dermatology
  • ·        Chronic Diseases Coordination

Anna Hill

Anna Hill commenced her career in the banking industry working for University Credit Society and after three years accepted a position as Administration and Marketing Manager with InterSpace Technologies. Whilst at InterSpace she was responsible for human resources, media liaison, event coordination, accounts and marketing. Anna oversaw a large project to raise funds for Telethon that was an interactive multimedia based game, (called The Quest For The Golden Bird) the first of its kind in Western Australia. She then transitioned into Freelance Writing spending the next decade writing for a bridal publication, ‘Perth Bridal Options’, whilst also editing and copywriting for other private clients.  When Facebook emerged worldwide in 2006 Anna started to familiarise myself with the platform and continued to learn about each emerging social media platforms.  She commenced work for Hancock Creative as a Social Media Manager, combining her writing, marketing and advertising experience into one role.

These days she mentors NFPs on how to leverage their social media presence to attract and retain volunteers, brand themselves and connect with other organisations such as Lifeline, Heart Foundation  and Girl Guides just to mention a few.

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