FAQs and Guidelines for Find a Podiatrist

How can I view the Find a Podiatrist directory?

Go to www.podiatrywa.com.au/find to view the updated directory ( active from the 2nd of May 2017)

Why my details are not displayed in the directory?

This could be for a number of reasons

  • ·         The directory is for current financial members ( lapsed, suspended, non-practising and student members will not be displayed)
  • ·         Your privacy settings could have your profile HIDDEN
  • ·         Your details are incomplete

How can I fix my membership status?

Membership can be renewed online via your Podiatry WA profile or via email to info@podiatrywa.com.au

How can I change my privacy settings?

Login to your Podiatry WA profile at http://podiatrywesternaustralia.wildapricot.org/Sys/Login  , click on privacy, click show my profile and then click save.

What details are needed for Find a Podiatrist?

At a minimum your Practice name, Practice Suburb and your Name as the Podiatrist are required for it to be listed in the Find a Podiatrist directory. Although we strongly suggest that members consider making use of the new practice and podiatrist service filters, and the description field to promote their practice to the public. Direct links to email and website will be displayed on the listing ( be sure to use www for your website address)

How can I update my details?

Follow the step by step instructions for editing and updating your profile details. Find a Podiatrist and Member details step by step.pdf .  At the end you will need to change your privacy setting to display your profile (see the above step for changing privacy settings). Remember to save each step.

Why are my details different to what I have entered?

Podiatry WA Admin will review each member's listing initially and from time to time, to check how the information displays in the directory and compliance with these guidelines. Entries will be edited by Admin to improve the display visually ( eg if too much information has been added to the practice, suburb and podiatrist fields) . Entries will also be edited if the content contains non-member information , information that contravenes AHPRA advertising guidelines or is considered unprofessional.

I have more than 1 practice, how do I enter this?

You can enter the details for each practice in each field. Keep in mind how the details will visually display, and too much information will look cluttered.

  • ·         For more than one practice name- enter each Name with a comma or an “and” between. eg ABC Podiatry and XYZ Podiatry
  • ·         For more than location enter with a space between eg PERTH FREMANTLE JOONDALUP

The Practice details field will allow you to enter in specific information about each practice.

A search for any of your practice names or suburb/towns will bring up your listing 

My employees are also members how do I enter this?

Each member can create their own listing in Find a Podiatrist for your practice

My employees are not Podiatry WA members, can I list them ?

Podiatry WA directory is exclusively for members, non members can not be listed.

I work for a Podiatrist who is not a member but I am, can I list my place of work?

As a Podiatry WA member you can list the practice that you work at, even if the employing /contracting Podiatrists is not a member. The Find a Podiatrist directory is a member benefit, and non members can not be referred to or listed in the directory.

How are the Find a Podiatrist results organised?

The listings and search results are randomly organised for each view.

NEW How can I add a google maps link to my listing?

Follow instructions on the following file Adding a Link to Google Maps for your Practice in Find a Podiatrist.pdf

Send any additional questions through to info@podiatrywa.com.au

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